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Motive Wave Forecaster

Our software product utilizes fibonacci expansion and wave ratio analysis to forecast impulse wave targets. The trader enters a wave start and end point and the software produces trading targets instantly. If the wave 2 retracement is not yet complete the wavemaker option will project wave 3 and wave 5 utilizing only wave 1 data. Wavemaker also calculates wave 1 fib retracements automatically. Add  phi-power™  to your trades!

Elliott Wave and the power of Fibonacci

Buy and hold investing may have seen its day. Market timing is critical to success in this turbulent market. The key to market profits is to trade with the trend and always have targets. Elliott Wave is arguably the ultimate form of technical analysis in predicting major market turns. Need the counts for the Dow and Nasdaq? Check out the count pages. Our analysis page contains a wealth of trading indicators and market breadth data. Also check out our new motive wave forecaster program. The trend is your friend and the Wave Magician will help you set your targets and stops.

Add phi-power™ to your trades with Wave Magician©

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